The Leading From Your Strengths Course

The LFYS course is the perfect compliment to the Discover Your Calling Course™. It helps you to gain practical knowledge and insights about yourself for immediate application in your ministry or workplace.

As a certified LFYS trainer, Rick helps you identify significant areas of your profile which otherwise could be missed.

LFYS profiles are based upon the DISC model.  Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe have benefited from these assessments which are recognised for their high levels of accuracy.

We'll look with greater depth at:

♦  Your Natural Strengths
♦  General Characteristics
♦  Your Strengths Movement Chart (additional insights not gained throught the profile)
♦  The Strengths Wheel

The profile report has been designed to incorporate Christian themes, though you’ll find the content insightful and of value no matter where you stand in relation to spirituality and Christian Ministry.

Live training workshops generally cost hundreds of dollars.
Online LFYS Profile & Course special:


*Price is for the LFYS Course only - LFYS Profile requires separate purchase @ approx. USD$26.95, less discount code provided in the course

Course Curriculum

    1. Before we begin...

    1. LFYS Profile - Part 1

    2. EC - DYC Course - LFYS Profile Exercise

    3. LFYS Profile - Part 2

    4. LFYS Profile - Part 3

    5. LFYS Profile - Part 4

    6. LFYS Profile - Part 5

    7. LFYS Profile - Part 6

    8. LFYS PROFILE - Survey

    1. Congratulations! What's next...?

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  • 10 lessons

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